Psychological help for employees of your company

Who are we?

What do we do?

We will make your employees regain their internal balance. They will be more productive at work, thanks to the regular care of our mental health specialists.

For years, Mental Benefits have been involved in providing professional psychological care for employees of medium and large companies. The care is comprehensive and aims to take care of the mental health of all employees. We provide online psychological consultations for employees and psychoeducation realized through webinars or psychological recordings. In addition, we also focus on prevention and promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

In Mental Benefits team you can find specialists in various fields, such as a psychologist, psychotherapist, psycho-dietician, dietitian, coach, speech therapist, lawyer and even a child psychologist or educator. We know that employee’s problems often have different causes. The decline in their efficiency is caused by family issues, a lack of motivation or lowered self-esteem. We can solve many problems only by providing the appropriate support of specialists and acting comprehensively.

Our team of specialists goes through an insightful and complex recruitment process. We create a real team of specialists who can exchange their views and observations or discuss certain cases in regular meetings. All therapists in Mental Benefits have the appropriate education and experience in accordance with the current state of the law.

Mental Benefits is a project implemented by the Therapy and Supporting Development Center FOCUS, which is registered as medical entity in Poland. Our services are provided in accordance with the law and the rules set by it. The Center has two stationary offices in Gliwice and Katowice, where we provide several thousand services annually. We also have an ISO Quality Certificate for psychological help for employees, which ensures the quality of the provided services.

We have numerous recommendations from companies that have already benefited from psychological care for employees, as well as the feedback about our specialists from employees.

decrease of efficiency

Decreased productivity and performance of your employees with also increased absenteeism from work due to psychological problems.

Mental Benefits provide constant care for your employees by mental health professionals and effectively contribute to their wellbeing, which directly affects their commitment and performance of their professional duties.

lack of motivation

Are your employees suffering from a lack of motivation?
Let us help them step into the right paths.

Mental Benefits can help you to motivate your employees to act and achieve their goals. We focus on individuals, improve the soft skills of each employee and point out motivational mechanisms, and by that, we contribute to improve the functioning of the entire company.


Burnout is a condition, that can affect many employees and cause serious consequences.

Mental Benefits effectively contribute to the well-being of your employees by providing regular care of our mental health specialists, which directly impacts their involvement and fulfillment of their professional duties.

crisis, mourning, grief

Death of a loved one? A crisis? A divorce? Sadly, these issues affect all of us.

We will provide support for your employees in difficult life situations such as marital crises, divorce or death of a loved ones. We create an environment in which the employee finds a sense of security and the necessary support.

solving the conflict at work

conflict resolution

Team conflicts, disagreements and lack of appropriate communication can slow down the progress of an organization.

Thanks to consultations with our experts, your employees will get to learn the instruments to effectively resolve conflicts and prevent them in the future. They will receive the necessary support to build an effective team.

psychological help for employees

addictions, bad eating habits

Are your employees struggling with addictions, bad eating habits and other mental health issues?

We are well aware of how a healthy lifestyle affects the quality of work. Along with our specialists, we will help your employees find the balance between mental health and fatal daily habits.

How do we do it?

With years of experience in the branch of psychological support, we have developed the most effective forms of psychological support for employees, no matter where they are.

We provide online video consultations, help lines and psychoeducational multimedias. We also run webinars for companies on topics of psychology and personal development.

a modern psychological benefit

Psychological assistance for employees is currently a frequently chosen modern employee benefit. Employers all over the world have understood the importance of mental support for employees. Research shows that every fourth adult person may need a psychological consultation, and the pandemic situation probably increases these statistics.

By providing employees with psychological care, we create a sense of security and the possibility of contact in crisis situations. Psychoeducation provides everyday information that promotes a healthy lifestyle, and effectively reduces the risk of more serious problems. Thanks to the two-pronged approach, we can act holistically and thus help employees even more.

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